About us

Tevreden Marketing is the all-round marketing agency. You can contact Tevreden Marketing for, SEA, SEO, Company film, printing, logo design, banners, web design, web shops, mobile website, web hosting and apps.

In short, you can contact us for all your marketing purposes! If in doubt, always call or email us, we can always be of service to you.
Our goal is that our customers are satisfied with the marketing that Tevreden Marketing provides for them. Service is therefore an important part of our working method, good contact with the customer is very important.

You can be assured of good service with us.

All your wishes are discussed and processed in the purchased service / campaign. We are convinced that good service, good communication and honesty are the keys to a good cooperation in which everyone is satisfied.

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    Sep, 2010
    The beginning of Tevreden Marketing

    Tevreden Marketing started in the year 2010. We started by making companies easy to find on Google. Google SEA and Google SEO. Our motto is'It's all about the smile". That is why our vision is that our customers are satisfied with the marketing we provide for them.

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    Sep, 2012
    2 years later

    Tevreden Marketing has expanded more and more. We now also focus on printing and logo design.

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    Oct, 2014
    We don't sit still!

    Since last year we provide our customers with beautiful, unique and custom websites.

    You can also contact us for corporate films. We are happy to visit you with our camera crew.

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    Feb, 2015
    Tevreden Marketing is growing!

    We are already almost 5 years later and now Tevreden Marketing can assist you in every area in terms of marketing.

    Both off and online.

    So from designing printed matter, but also renewing your current website.

    In terms of offline services, you can contact us for, for example, making and designing stickers, flyers, business cards and billboards.

    In terms of online services, you can contact us for digital business cards, 2D and 3D corporate film, Web design, Web shop, Google Ads, Google SEO.

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    Feb, 2017
    Tevreden Marketing continues to grow!

    Every day we expand our knowledge and every day we can make new customers happy with the services we offer.

    So if you are not happy with your current marketing agency, please feel free to contact Tevreden Marketing and we will be happy to help you with your objectives.

  6. Apr, 2020
    10 year anniversary

    This year, Tevreden Marketing exists 10 years!

    We couldn't have done this without our customers.

We help you achieve your turnover goals

Together with you we make a plan of action and we look at which marketing tools we can best use.
Voor elk budget een mogelijkheid
A possibility for every budget
Whatever your budget, we can always help you
Eén aanspreekpunt
One point of contact
You have one regular contact person, so easy, right ?!
Snelle opvolging
Quick succession
* We will answer your questions within 4 hours. * After approval, we will immediately start working for you

Our vision

It's all about the smile!

Our customers have their say

Ik ben zeker te spreken over de diensten van Tevreden Marketing. Ik ben blij dat we elke 2 weken contact hebben om de google campagne door te nemen. Ook ben ik blij met de website die Tevreden Marketing voor mij heeft gemaakt. Hiervoor zat ik bij de Gouden Gids en werd ik slechts als een van de vele klanten gezien, bij Tevreden Marketing ben ik prioriteit nummer 1.
Heel blij met mijn website en de SEO.
Massage Salon
Veel contact over de afgenomen diensten. Snelle opvolging. Mooie website! En niet te vergeten, veel nieuwe klanten!!
De Heer
Ik ben zeer te spreken over de samenwerking met TM. Een goede investering!
De Heer
Rijschool Eigenaar
Goede zaken en goede roti 🙂 ! Top bedrijf!
Voor het eerst na 1 afspraak zaken gedaan met een bedrijf voor de marketing van mijn rijschool. Het is ideaal als 1 bedrijf al jou marketingzaken waarneemt. Hierdoor kan ik mij volledig focussen op het geven van rijlessen. Nieuwe klanten, goede resultaten en al 2 jaar klant van Tevreden M. Ik raad het iedereen aan!!
Logo laten maken, super goede service en het logo was al in 3 dagen kant en klaar, wat wil je nog meer?!
Eigenaar Salon
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